DT Opportunities

Successful graduates of our program work as entry-level Dietetic Technicians Registered (DTRs) in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics. DTRs, trained in food and nutrition, are an integral member of the health care, business and industry, public health, foodservice, and research teams. At SRJC, training focuses on health care where DTRs will work cooperatively with Registered Dietitians to screen clients for nutritional risk, assist in their nutritional care, and supervise food production and service.

Dietetic Technician Program graduates can become registered when they have fulfilled the following:

1) Completed all program requirements for the DT Major, including passing all required courses with a "C" or better and successfully documenting completion of all ACEND competencies for entry level DTRs

2) Received a verification statement of requirement completion

3) Passed the CDR Registration Exam for Dietetic Technicians